“Fly brings together elements in their playing that are often add odds with each other: On the one hand their music can be intellectually challenging - their compositions in particular can be rhythmically and harmonically dense. In spite of that, their music makes a strong emotional impact, felt through the deep rhythmic groove, and the organic way that these three musicians tell a story together, taking the listener on a ride with them. So it's music that hits the head and then seeps into the heart - not one at the expense of the other."

Brad Mehldau

"Fly is a new thing. The trio has the intimacy of a close up conversation and the depth of 3 free minds exploring and expanding on each other's ideas. Uncluttered creativity."

Chick Corea

"What they do together is rarefied; it is the serious pursuit of composed and improvised harmony, aligned with the earth, and blessed by virtuosity."

Ethan Iverson